20 Dec

LifeSite News and Social Credit

LifeSite News, which receives millions of hits every year, has picked up my blog entry on the importance of establishing a financial system system that is actually supportive of life and families:


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28 Dec

Social Credit Explained in 7 Points

     As interest in the economics of Social Credit grows, it is important to provide people with accurate and comprehensive summaries of C.H. Douglas' analysis and remedial proposals. In what follows, I will outline in...

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04 Jan

It's Time for an Economic Copernican Turn

     The modern, industrial economy (and civilization at large) is in dire need of a Copernican-style transformation: society’s financial credit must be subordinated to its real credit....

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09 Jan

Social Credit: A Simple (If Somewhat Lengthy) Explanation


The founder of the Social Credit movement, Major Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952), correctly discerned the cause of our perennial economic difficulties and also developed a series of proposals to effectively deal with the ...

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16 Jan

Monopoly - A Short Film

     Georgiana (Gigi) Pinwill from Australia has just initiated a very exciting and promising project. She has prepared a script entitled "Monopoly" for a short film, which will hopefully serve as the starting point...

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24 Jan

Usury, Social Credit, and Catholicism

     As I tried to show in my recent blog entry on “Social Credit and Usury”:

29 Jan

A Social Credit Post on henrymakow.com


     Just yesterday, Henry Makow posted the most succinct explanation of the economic aspects of Social Credit that I have written to date. The article may be found here:

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30 Jan

A Synopsis of Social Credit

 This is a slightly longer version of the article which appeared on Henry Makow's site:

31 Jan

Health and the Canon

      (Photo at left: The Mighty Sunflower Sprout)

      A key component of the philosophy, or the 'conception of reality', which underlies Social Credit is...

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02 Feb

An Appeal to the Greek People

     Over the course of the last few years, the Greek people have had first-hand experience of the fact that the modern financial and economic systems do not work. They may not know, however, why they do not work and what...

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