17 Nov

Three Guiding Social Credit Principles

     As a philosopher, I have a great appreciation for the importance of foundational principles.

     When trying to grasp the Social Credit approach to economic matters, it is important to...

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17 Nov

David Gleicher's Blog Entries

     There are a number of professional economists who have commented favourably on some of C.H. Douglas' main ideas. Most recently, Professor David Gleicher from Adelphi University has published a number of entries on...

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18 Nov

Social Credit Perspectives: What is Wrong with the Economy?

     The following was submitted by Liam Allone of http://www.economiccures.com/

     I can demonstrate the fundamental gap or...

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20 Nov

Le Dividende Universel pour la Suisse

     Les machines, robots, ordinateurs rendent le "travail humain rémunéré" (dans chaque industrie) de plus en plus rare, c'est un fait. Promettre des emplois classiques est un gigantesque mensonge, une...

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21 Nov

El Crédito Social - Hispanismo.org

     Quite recently, Martin Ant has translated a number of blog entries from this website into Spanish and has made them available on Hispanismo.org. Most of these can be found at the following address: 

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26 Nov

Scotiabank's Profits and Lay-Offs

     One of Canada's big 5, Scotiabank, recently announced that it will be cutting 1,500 jobs. This, in spite of the fact that the bank has, so far this year, earned as much as 5.57 billion dollars in profit ......

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01 Dec

The Mike Bower Initiative

      In the past few months, Michael Bower from the United States has generously donated a significant amount of money in order to purchase author copies of Social Credit Economics and to have them mailed to...

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08 Dec

The Pro-Life Movement Needs Social Credit

     While I am staunchly pro-life and hold that direct abortion should be prohibited by force of law (as it was under British common law and throughout the Western world until the sixties and seventies), it is important to...

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15 Dec

Is Income Inequality the Central Economic Problem?

     In a blog entry that is well worth reading entitled "What Choice Do We Have?", Charles Hugh Smith discusses the extreme and ever-increasing income inequality that characterizes economic life in the modern...

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18 Dec

Re: An Open Letter to the Australian People

 "What we saw in the main hall of the Winton Shire Council on Friday simply defied all description: a room filled with hundreds of broken and battered refugees from our own country."



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