05 Sep

Humans Need Not Apply

     The following video, entitled "Humans Need not Apply", has received over 2 million hits on youtube. It explains how the development of intelligent machines (computers, robots, etc.) now...

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06 Sep

Re: The Shrinking Need for a Workforce

The following comment was submitted by Wally Klinck in reference to a recent blog entry: 

15 Sep

Global Debt Clock

Some readers may already be familiar with the U.S. debt clock: http://www.usdebtclock.org/.

The Economist also publishes a global debt clock which deals exclusively...

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17 Oct

A Review of "The Economics of Social Credit and Catholic Social Teaching"

The following review of my booklet The Economics of Social Credit and Catholic Social Teaching was recently published by James Reed in Australia:

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20 Oct

The Importance of Folk Culture

     In our contemporary world, dominated as it is by a dysfunctional (read unbalanced) financial system that is leveraged by a credit monopoly, indigenous folk cultures are being threatened and gradually eroded. Their...

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27 Oct

America's Puritanical Obsession with Work

     A few months ago, Abby Martin from Russia Today criticized the unhealthy obsession with work that characterizes American culture. The average American between 25-54 who has at least one child spends nine hours every day...

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30 Oct

The (Big!) Difference Between a 'Basic Income' and the National Dividend

      It seems that more and more people in various countries are starting to take proposals for the introduction of a basic income quite seriously.

     According to the bien network: "A...

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04 Nov

A Summary of the Social Credit Monetary Reform

      Although I disagree profoundly with Walter Russell’s ‘New-Agey’ worldview and spirituality, I think that he was on to something when he claimed that the very essence of the created universe...

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07 Nov

Social Credit and Usury

     One of the most common misunderstandings where Social Credit is concerned is the notion that the Social Credit diagnosis can be adequately summarized along the following lines: "The problem with the existing financial...

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12 Nov

Portugal precisa do Crédito Social (und Deutschland auch)

      Portugal has a long history of expressing social and political commentary and activism in musical forms. Indeed, the near bloodless coup which toppled the dictatorship in the 1974 

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