14 Jul

What is Social Credit All About?

      As this is the inaugural blog entry for 'The Clifford Hugh Douglas Institute for the Study and Promotion of Social Credit’, it seemed fitting to deal upfront with the central...

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24 Jul

The Core of the Core of Douglas’ A+B Theorem (and hence of Social Credit’s Economic Diagnosis)

      One of the key aspects, if not the key aspect, of the Social Credit analysis of financial and hence economic dysfunction has to do with the chronic and underlying deficiency in...

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26 Jul

A+B: A Mathematical Reply to an Objection

    In his book Credit-Power and Democracy, C.H. Douglas introduced the A+B theorem as follows:

"A factory or other productive organization has,...

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31 Jul

New Zealand Social Credit Party - 60 year anniversary

     The New Zealand "Democrats for Social Credit" Party is celebrating its 60th anniversary this coming weekend:


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01 Aug

The Meaning of Leisure

     A few days ago, a friend of mine brought my attention to an article that had been published just recently in Crisis Magazine. The article was entitled “Why Leisure is...

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09 Aug

Re: "The Costliest Money Mistakes"

     According to the latest edition of the “Money Minute”, the Royal Bank of Canada has discovered that 75% of Canadians struggle with consumer debt and that, on average, they owe 16,000 dollars per head (not including...

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13 Aug

Tax Freedom Day - Canada

  Once again this year, the Canadian Fraser Institute has dutifully calculated “Tax Freedom Day”: “The Fraser Institute annually calculates Tax Freedom Day in order to provide a comprehensive and easily understood...

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14 Aug

A Conversation with a Loans Officer

Some time ago, I had the following conversation with a loans officer from a major Canadian bank:


Wally: When you issue these loans to borrowers you create the money out of nothing, don't...

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21 Aug

Why Social Credit is not Socialism

     One of the chief misapprehensions under which newcomers to the subject often labour is that 'Social Credit' must be some form of socialism because, after all, the phrase encompasses...

By: Oliver Heydorn|4 Comment(s)|

01 Sep

Real 'Helicopter Money'

     A friend recently brought my attention to a very interesting article posted by "Tyler Durden" on Zerohedge.com:

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